Mugla Sıtkı Koçman University

2022 - 2023 International Student Application Form


Being placed to a programme at the university doesn’t automatically give any right to be a student. If required, the University reserves the right to decline the registration.

If required, additional documents can be requested and if these missing documents can not be submitted, the right of placement is cancelled.

If required, accepted candidates will be contacted by e-mail. It is therefore very important to regularly check your e-mail account.

Placement results can be checked "Placement Result" link from the online system by using the same user name and password used in the application process. Acceptance letters can be obtained from the online system.

The objections to placements will be made on August 08-09, 2022 (until 17.30 in Turkish time zone) via sending a signed petition to . The objections of the candidates who applied and whose application has been rejected although they do not meet the application requirements will not be considered.

The ones who need to get a student visa to register have to apply for visa as soon as they get the Acceptance Letter. Due to the visa victimizations derived from the candidates' personal delays, the registration process will not be issued by International Students Office.

For detailed information about registration, please 
To the attention of those who has to get residence permit

Due to the rush-hour traffic in phone calls, all the candidates are kindly requested to submit their demands and questions via

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